How to help prepare your dog for the fireworks

How to help prepare your dog for the fireworks

It’s fast approaching what many dog owners find to be the worst time of the year, Bonfire night. Of course, this year might be a little bit different with the majority of all large scale displays being cancelled. But that could mean that there might be more home displays. And since stores have already started selling fireworks, people have already started setting them off. So, hopefully with a little bit of dog training Trafford and with some tips for this blog, you might be able to make this time of year a little bit more comfortable for your pooch.

How to dampen the effects from fireworks

One of the easiest way to lessen the effect is by tiring them out during the day. A tired dog is a happy dog Take them on a long walk, go and visit family, take them to a new location and let them sniff to their hearts content. Or bring them here, to Dogs Aloud Doggy Day Care Trafford and let us do the hard work! Being tired has a calming effect on them and can hopefully not make them as agitated by the noises.

It’s also worth creating a safe space for them. So if they do feel threatened or scared then they have a place to retreat too. Add in a dog bed, some toys and treats so they feel comfortable in there.

Whilst they’re at home, try distracting them with games, more treats and distraction techniques. Licki mats, kongs with frozen peanut butter or yogurt inside, they’re all great ways to keep them entertained and mentally simulated. We would also suggest playing music, having the TV on slightly louder than usual, maybe putting a fan on as well. Common place noises that might take the edge off the loud bangs.

Dog Training Trafford

Here at Dogs Aloud, our head trainer Allen has had decades of experience with working with dogs. So if you would like a bit of extra help with your dog training, why not get in touch with us today?