What is doggy day care?

What is doggy day care?

Here at Dogs Aloud, we understand that life and work can get in the way but that shouldn’t mean that we take it out on our dogs. They are there, for us tails wagging and happy when we get home from a long day at work, but is it fair on them to be home alone all day, just waiting for you?

Doggy Day Care Trafford Park

Of course you do have other options during the day, there are professional dog walkers that will come in and take your furry friend out for a walk for an hour or two but then that’s it for the rest of the day. Or you could let a friend or family member take them out a wee during your work day.

But instead of that small window of interaction, why not look into dropping your pooch off at Trafford Park’s latest and largest doggy day care centre?

We offer both full and half days of day care, which means you can tailor it around your working day. Our full days start from only £30.00 which can be close to how much you might pay a dog walker. However we can offer so much more for that price!

Our day care centre is a massive 8,000 square foot with three different pack area which means your dog will be surrounded by other dogs of the same temperament and energy. We also have a swimming pool and flavoured bubble machine. What more could they want?

Advantages of puppy day care near me

If you’re still umming and ahhing about doggy day care, here are some of the major benefits for your pup –

  • We help provide socialization with other dogs in a supervised and safe environment
  • Your dog can develop their social skills and play style with others
  • We’re able to offers exercise and stimulation instead of that boredom of staying home alone

So why not book your dog in for their free, no obligation assessment today? All dogs allowed at Dogs Aloud!