Want a Career in Dog Boarding Kennels and Animal Services Looking for a career in dog care, dog boarding kennels & animal services in Manchester?

If your looking for a career with animals, then what better experience can you get than a boarding kennels that offers daily care to a variety of dog breeds.

Here at Dogs Aloud we’re looking for a team full of people who love animals, and in particular dogs!  We believe that our staff whether they are full time, part time, volunteers or apprentices, need to have that fundamental feeling towards all of the dogs allowed in our care.


Want a career in animal welfare?

We will have ongoing training for all of our staff throughout the year, whether that’s a course on animal behavior or the latest grooming techniques. So if you are interested in a career with us we’re proud to offer the opportunities you need to enjoy an animal based career with a difference.

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You make think that a career working with dogs is limited. However, you’d be surprised at the animal services that Dogs Aloud Doggy Care in Trafford park has going on.

Its a dogs life at Dogs Aloud 

Our daily routine is designed to ensure even the biggest dogs will have the stimulation they need. So, although this is not an exhaustive list, by working alongside our professionals you will gain insight and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Dog Training
  • Dog Handling
  • Dog Grooming
  • Dog Rescue
  • Dog Therapy
  • Dog Behavior

Are all dogs allowed at Dogs Aloud Doggy Day Care?All dogs allowed

Dogs Aloud are happy to welcome your dog following our initial assessment. One completed you and your pet will have access to Manchester purpose built pet friendly facility. A doggy day care Centre that offers a clean safe environment and the stimulation your dog needs whilst your away.