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There are over 200 breeds of dogs ranging from the Afghan Hound to the Yorkshire Terrier. Every dog has its own personality and characteristics. So, its good to know that at Dogs Aloud Doggy Day Care Trafford,  we use a three-pack system catering for all energy levels.

At Dogs Aloud, your furry friend will be assessed personally by Allan Todd, our Director of Training and Animal Welfare. It’s important that your dog is sociable and fits in. Allan will place your dog with its like-minded playmates dependent upon its energy level.

The Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Open from 7am to 7pm Monday through to Friday you don’t have to rush to drop off or collect your dog. Don’t worry about the traffic. Your dogs are in the safest of hands.

With three packs, low, medium, and high we have a pack for your dog to burn off all that energy. After a long day at our doggy day care centre, being stimulated mentally and physically, your dog will be tired and happy. We hope!!!

Our staff are fully trained canine care providers supervised by Allan who understands what’s best for your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Meaning, your Alsatian can adventure, your Spaniel has space to saunter or your Dachshund can de-stress!

*Subject to passing assessment

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Is Doggy Daycare right for me?

More importantly, is it right for your dog? Your dogs day care should be a home away from home, offering a safe and stimulating environment whilst you’re away. Just like a day care for kids, dog day care is a place to learn, build social skills and have fun.

Meaning your dog will associate your time to leave for work with fun, exercise and companionship. Additionally, each dog starts to form long lasting friendships with other regulars at Dogs Aloud Doggy Daycare in Manchester.

Doggy daycare has now become an affordable solution for the busy dog owners who realise a dog who is happy, exercised and having fun is a well-behaved dog.

Pay As You Go
£30.00 Per Day
This is for owners with a random pattern of using day-care. You can book in whenever you need us. This can be once a week or once a month.
The cost is £30.00 per day. Payment will be taken the day before your booking.
Cancellation or changes to your bookings need to be done 48 hours before arrival, for you not charged.
Priority will be given to our Regular customers.
Discounted rates are available to our Regular customers.
Click here to book in as PAY AS YOU GO.
½ Day – 4 Hours
7am – 11am, 8am – 12pm, 9am – 1pm
Click here to book in a HALF DAY.

Door-to-door Doggy Taxi Service
£5.00 Per Pick Up or Drop Off
3 Miles Radius from our Trafford Park Address
We offer a door-to-door doggy Taxi service, for any day care guests in need of a lift. Our vehicles have been designed to provide a secure and comfortable ride for your dog, with space to lay down on comfy cushioned surfaces to reduce stress and anxiety whilst travelling.We’ll arrange to hold a key for your property (securely in our key safe!) or use your own key safe if you have one, to pick up your pet in the morning and drop them back safely in the evening ready for cuddles and a long snooze after their busy day.

Our vans are fully insured, safe and legally compliant, fitted with modern and comfortable sections for dogs of various sizes. Our staff all possess full UK driving licences and comply fully with driving regulation Rule 57 of the high way code.

Our day care Pickups in the morning are usually completed by 10am and the drop offs in the afternoons start after 3pm in the afternoon, so your dog can enjoy a full day of fun!
Our prices start from £5.00 per pick up or drop off, this covers a distance of 3 miles from our Trafford Park address. Longer distances can be considered at an additional milage charge subject to availability and route planning.

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Doggy Daycare Taxi Service

Doggy day care in Manchester

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Is Doggy Daycare a good idea?

The definition of a boarding kennel is “a place in which dogs are kept and looked after; especially whilst their owners are away on holiday. However, if you’re worried about leaving your dog alone at home in the day, then you’re not the only one.

Channel 4’s documentary Dogs: Their Secret Lives showed us that our dogs are spending more time home alone. Plus, what our dogs get up to while we’re out and what this does for their well-being? Their programme showed how stressed and fearful dogs can become without company.

Thus, Channel 4 commissioned a study into separation anxiety in dogs and the impact this is having on their welfare. Veterinarian, Mark Evans, hosted the documentary, which had great viewing figures.

As a result of insights like these, more owners are looking for doggy daycare to give their dogs a chance to exercise and socialise.

What does a telephone assessment involve?Dog assesment

Day-care phone assessment

  • Step 1
    The first step is to make sure that all the details you have submitted to the system are correct. Including the all-important vaccination records.
  • Step 2
    Then discuss any individual needs your dog may have for example food allergies, or any minor behavioural issues, and if your dog has attended any other day-care facilities.
  • Step 3
    We will outline our first day procedures for arrival times and pick up procedure. Also what we would do in the unlikely event that your dog really doesn’t enjoy being with us.

Since our doggy day care is set out in a pack mentality, it’s important that all dogs are able to play well together. Unfortunately, not all dogs are suitable for day care and not all day cares will be suitable for every dog. Should your dog not initially be suitable for our doggy day care environment, training options will be discussed further with you. We don’t believe in giving up on any of our furry legged friends, which is why we offer a range of different services including our training.

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Free Telephone Dog Assessment at Dogs Aloud Manchester?

Privacy policy for Doggy Day care

Dogs Aloud are happy to welcome your dog following our initial telephone assessment. Plus, its a great opportunity to have your pet checked over by a professional. Our Director of Training and Animal Welfare, Allan Todd undertakes all training and oversees all training activities and scheduling.

Allan’s reputation precedes him in the North West as he is is currently the dog behaviourist for Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in Ramsbottom. Coupled with long standing affiliations with dog charities like Rochdale Dog Rescue, Springer Spaniel Rescue and the RSPCA.

One completed you and your pet will have access to Manchester purpose built pet friendly facility. A doggy day care centre that offers a clean safe environment and the stimulation your dog needs whilst your away.

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Are you interested in doggy day care at Dogs Aloud, Trafford Park’s premier 4 star Doggy Daycare centre? 🐾

Dog day care is the perfect solution for those who are at work, or simply want to have a day out. After a long day at a Dogs Aloud Doggy Day Care Manchester your dog will come home stimulated mentally and physically and will be tired and happy.

In fact, if you’re coming home following a long day at work, you’ll no longer have to stress about walking the dog. As, they’ll be ready to curl up beside you on the sofa where you can both relax.

Finally, regular day care will also benefit you when you are out in public. Specifically, because of the time they’ve been spending socialising with other dogs. Thus, giving your dog the social skills, it needs when interacting with other dogs whilst out walking with you.

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Are all dogs allowed at Dogs Aloud Doggy Day Care?

Privacy policy for Doggy Day care
Dogs Aloud are happy to welcome your dog following our initial assessment. One completed you and your pet will have access to Manchester purpose built pet friendly facility. A doggy daycare centre that offers a clean safe environment and the stimulation your dog needs whilst your away.