Dogs and artificial grass – are you missing a trick?

Dogs and artificial grass – are you missing a trick?

Our dogs are family, they live with us, they eat with us and they sleep with us. Our home is their home and in turn our garden is their garden. It’s easy enough to keep our home clean but the garden can be a different matter. All dog owners know the struggle of constantly trying to picking up dog muck and ending up smearing it more into the grass or having unpleasant looking yellow patches thanks to their wee. But there is one simple solution to these problems, artificial grass!

What is artificial grass?

It’s made of three different materials including nylon. The way the grass is created and thatched means that all rainwater (and dog urine) will just run and drain away. It won’t puddle and you won’t end up with urine burnt grass.

Why should you choose it for your garden and for your pooch?

Firstly, it’s easier to clean than normal grass. The wee just drains and runs off, the waste can be picked up then hosed down. And unlike organic grass, if there any unpleasant smells they can be neutralised using natural products like vinegar and bicarb of soda.

It’s also safe for dogs to run around and play on. It’s soft and inviting and there’s no where else that they’d love to spend time on. Artificial grass is also incredibly hard wearing and can withstand any amount of zoomies and playtime. Another bonus with artificial grass is that you don’t need to spend time watering, feeding or weeding!

Pet training with artificial grass!

We think it’s important to provide our dogs a comfortable, and hygienic spots to do their business in our facility. That’s why we’re trialling the use of artificial grass units, which we’re calling ‘Pup-Pee Pads.’ These pads will serve as safe, comfortable, and hygienic spots for your dog to do their business in our facility. We believe your good boy or girl will be able to tell the difference as well!

The luxurious, rich and realistic surface of our Pup-Pee Pads rivals the real thing. That means that when your pooch needs to go, they can without discomfort or stress. Cleaning up a mutt’s mess is everyone’s least favourite part of responsible dog ownership, but it’s a job made less disagreeable when they go on artificial grass.

Our facilities and your pets won’t smell unpleasant either, as the woven polypropylene material is both tough and cushioned. The Ultimate Grass that we use is durable, hygienic and easy to clean. The technical innovations we at Dogs Aloud are making for you and your pet should give you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that we do all we can to alleviate your pet’s anxieties while you leave them in our care.