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Areas of Bury

  • Ramsbottom
  • Tottington
  • Radcliffe
  • Whitefield
  • Prestwich

The Metropolitan Borough of Bury is a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester in North West England, just north of Manchester, which consists of six towns: Bury, Ramsbottom, Tottington, Radcliffe, Whitefield and Prestwich. Ramsbottom is a market town, based on the River Irwell.

Ramsbottom developed during the 19th century as a manufacturing and mill town on the road from Bury to Haslingden by the River Irwell, its suburbs stretched south to Hazelhurst and north to Stubbins. Mills were built for spinning, weaving and printing. Square Mill was in its day innovative in combining many such processes under one roof.

Are you looking for doggy daycare based in or around Ramsbottom?

Are you struggling with what to do with your pooch when you go to work? Leaving them at home all day on their own isn’t an option, and dog walkers can be expensive for just one hour of socialisation. So why not look into a doggy day care centre instead?

Just think of all the time you’ll be saving in the morning. Picture the scene… you get ready for work, then both you and your dog can simply jump in the car in the morning and off you go.

A quick drop off at Dogs Aloud Doggy Daycare Trafford before you head into work means you’ve then got that peace of mind knowing your furry friend is safe, secure and surrounded by their puppy pals! This means you can get on with your day guilt free knowing your dog is having the time of its life!

Our doggy daycare Greater Manchester dogs

Where in Bury are our dogs from?

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Our prime Manchester based location and good transport links means that our dogs are able to travel from most areas to get to us!

We’re also planning on creating a doggy collection & delivery which will be coming soon, think of it as an Uber service for your dogs!

Doggy Daycare Ramsbottom
Doggy Daycare Ramsbottom
Doggy Daycare Ramsbottom
Dogs Aloud is the most reputable provider of safe dog fields in Ramsbottom. Our utmost priority is the well-being and satisfaction of your furry companion. That’s why we offer top-notch enclosed dog fields of the highest quality, ensuring that your dog can play and exercise in a secure and safe environment. Our dog fields are perfect for canines of all sizes and breeds, especially those that require additional security or may have a tendency to wander. 

Our outdoor swimming pool is the ideal spot for dogs that love to swim, providing a fun and exciting way for your furry friend to exercise and cool off during hot summer months. The pool has been designed with safety in mind, including a shallow end for novice swimmers and a deeper end for more advanced ones.


Our team of experts is available to assist your dog in getting comfortable in the water and ensuring their safety and contentment while swimming. Our secure dog fields are available exclusively to you for 55-minute intervals, seven days a week. We recognize the importance of flexibility for dog owners, which is why our secure dog field is open for use whenever you need it. To reserve your slot, simply visit our online booking calendar.

Doggy Daycare Ramsbottom, Bury

If you live in Bury and are looking for doggy day care, then look no further than Dogs Aloud! We are centrally located for easy access to most Manchester dog owners. Dogs Aloud Doggy Daycare Centre guarantees to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated.

So if you’re thinking about hiring a local dog sitter or dog walker to look after your dog, why not send them to a place where your dog will have access to swimming pools, obstacle courses and places to chill out and sleep.

And, at the end of an exciting day, your dog returns tired, happy and ready for some rest and relaxation!


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    Are all dogs allowed at Dogs Aloud Doggy Day Care?

    Privacy policy for Doggy Day care

    Dogs Aloud are happy to welcome your dog following our initial assessment.

    One completed you and your pet will have access to Manchester purpose built pet friendly facility.

    A doggy day care centre that offers a clean safe environment and the stimulation your dog needs whilst your away.