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Prestwich is a suburban town in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, Greater Manchester, England, 3.3 miles north of Manchester city centre, 3.1 miles north of Salford and 4.7 miles south of Bury.

Historically part of Lancashire, Prestwich was the seat of the ancient parish of Prestwich-cum-Oldham, in the hundred of Salfordshire. The Church of St Mary the Virgin—a Grade I listed building—has lain at the centre of the community for centuries. Known locally as Prestwich Village, the buzzing town centre hosts independent and specialist retailers giving a unique feel. Gifts and craft based retailers add a touch of bohemian chic.

Are you looking for doggy daycare based in or around Prestwich?

We understand that you don’t want to leave your dog at home all day whilst you’re out at work. Of course there’s always the option of having a friend of family member check in on them. Or you might be thinking about hiring a dog walker? But have you thought about doggy day care?

Here at Dogs Aloud Doggy Day Care Centre, our prices start from £18 for a full day, but we also offer half day sessions. Our team are here to work around your schedule.

Picture the morning scene, you get yourself and your four legged friend ready for the day, head out together and drop them off on our way to work. You’re then able to get on with your day guilt free knowing your pooch is having the time of its life!

Our doggy daycare Greater Manchester dogs

Where in Bury are our dogs from?

Our prime Manchester location and easily accessible transport links means that our dogs are able to travel from most areas of Greater Manchester to get to  our day care centre!

We also have a doggy taxi collection service in the pipeline, which means if you’re struggling to get here in the morning, our mini Uber service can help.

Doggy Daycare Prestwich, Bury

If you live in or around the Bury area but work closer to Manchester then we could be the place for you! Our doggy day care centre is centrally located which means an easy drop off before you head into work.

We guarantee to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated! So if you’re thinking about hiring a dog sitter or dog walker to look after your dog, why not send them to a place where your dog will have access to swimming pools, obstacle courses and places to chill out and sleep instead?

And, at the end of an exciting day, your dog returns tired, happy and ready for some rest and relaxation in your arms!


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    Are all dogs allowed at Dogs Aloud Doggy Day Care?

    Privacy policy for Doggy Day care

    Dogs Aloud are happy to welcome your dog following our initial assessment.

    One completed you and your pet will have access to Manchester purpose built pet friendly facility.

    A doggy day care centre that offers a clean safe environment and the stimulation your dog needs whilst your away.