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Hollinwood is an area and electoral ward of the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, Greater Manchester, England. The population at the 2011 census was 10,920.Bisected by the A62 road, Hollinwood is southwest of Oldham, contiguous with the towns of Chadderton and Failsworth, at Junction 22 of the M60 motorway.

Historically part of Lancashire, Hollinwood in pre-industrial times was a moor or common on the borders of Chadderton and Oldham. The rights to the land were disputed by the townships with Chadderton claiming 8 acres, but a 1713 court settlement stipulated that Hollinwood Moor should be within Oldham.

Are you looking for doggy daycare based in or around Hollinwood?

Are you struggling to find a suitable day care situation for your dog? Do you currently have a dog walker or dog sitter than you’re not happy with? So why not take advantage of Dogs Aloud Doggy Day Care Trafford Park! Our day care prices start from £30.00 for a full day however, we also offer half day sessions. Our team are here to work around your day to day schedule!

Our price include everything your pooch needs for a day of excitement, socialisation and entertainment with their four legged friends and our amazing staff! The centre is open from 7am till 7pm every week day. We also have a fantastic in house groomers which you can take advantage of.

Just picture the scene in the morning, you get yourself and your dog ready for the day. You know that you’ve got one stop on your way to work and then you can carry on with your day with that peace of mind your pooch is living it up. Then after a long day at work, you can pick them up tired, happy and ready to relax!

Our doggy daycare Greater Manchester dogs

Where in Greater Manchester are our dogs from?

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Our prime location and easily accessible transport links means that our dogs are able to travel from most areas of Greater Manchester to get to our day care centre, including Hollinwood.

We also have a doggy taxi collection service in the pipeline, think of it as a Uber service for your furry friends!

Doggy Day Care Hollinwood
Doggy Day Care Hollinwood
Doggy Day Care Hollinwood
At Dogs Aloud, our top priority is the safety and well-being of your furry friend. Located in Hollinwood, our enclosed dog fields meet the highest standards to provide a secure and stress-free environment for dogs of all sizes. We take care to address each dog’s individual safety requirements while offering physical activities and play.For dogs that enjoy a refreshing swim, we have an outdoor pool perfect for hot summer days. We prioritize safety by offering a shallow end for novice swimmers and a deeper end for more experienced ones. Our team of professionals is always available to ensure that your dog enjoys a secure and pleasant swimming experience.


We understand that pet owners have busy schedules, so we offer flexible options with secure dog fields available seven days a week. You can reserve exclusive 55-minute time slots for your pet by visiting our online calendar. At Dogs Aloud in Hollinwood, we are proud to provide exceptional care for your cherished furry companion.

Doggy Day Care Hollinwood

If you live in or around Greater Manchester then we could be the place for you! Our doggy day care centre is centrally located which means an easy drop off before you head into work.

We guarantee to keep your four legged friend both physically and mentally stimulated throughout the whole day! Forget about a dog walker, send your pooch to a place where they will have access to large open spaces, obstacle courses and places to chill out and sleep instead!

At the end of an exciting day, they’ll return tired, happy and ready for some rest and relaxation in your arms!


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    Are all dogs allowed at Dogs Aloud Doggy Day Care?

    Privacy policy for Doggy Day care

    Dogs Aloud are happy to welcome your dog following our initial assessment.

    Once completed, you and your pet will have access to Manchester purpose built pet friendly facility.

    A doggy day care centre that offers a clean safe environment and the stimulation your dog needs whilst your away.