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Are you interested in doggy day care at Dogs Aloud, Trafford Park’s brand new doggy day care centre? 🐾

We require all of our dogs to have a short assessment with one of our team. This assessment is purely there to see how your dog reacts with other dogs, people and what pack they would be suitable for. To register for your free 15 minute assessment, simply fill in the quick and simple form below and click send, it’s as easy as that!

All that’s left to do is turn up on your chosen date and time. We ask that you please bring your dog’s vaccination card to the booked assessment.

Dog day care is the perfect solution for those who are at work, or simply want to have a day out. After a long day at a Dogs Aloud Doggy Day Care Manchester your dog will come home stimulated mentally and physically and will be tired and happy.

In fact, if you’re coming home following a long day at work, you’ll no longer have to stress about walking the dog. As, they’ll be ready to curl up beside you on the sofa where you can both relax.

Finally, regular day care will also benefit you when you are out in public. Specifically, because of the time they’ve been spending socialising with other dogs. Thus, giving your dog the social skills, it needs when interacting with other dogs whilst out walking with you.

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Doggy daycare enquiry

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Dogs Aloud are happy to welcome your dog following our initial 15 minute assessment. Once completed, if your furry friend has passed their assessment, they are more than welcome to stay with us and join our pack for a half or full day session!

We’re a doggy day care centre that offers a clean safe environment and the stimulation your dog needs whilst you’re away.

For any other Doggy Day Care enquiry contact us here!